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The Image Message-Class allows you to send chat messages to players, which look like 8-bit images.

This is not a plugin!
· This is a class for developers to use.

Usage Example
 URL url = new URL(imageLink); // The url for the image, you want to display
 ImageMessage imageMessage = new ImageMessage(url); // The ImageMessage object
  " §7----- §5§lImage Message §7-----",
  " §8### §3by §6CheepYT §8###",
  " §7----- §6§ §7-----",
  " §2Copyright 2020 © §lCheep-YT",
  "")); // This will display the result shown above.

 You must not redistribute this file as yours.
 You may implement this file into your plugin.

Copyright 2020 © Cheep-YT · All rights reserved.



Image Message Source Code
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