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NPCJoinSystem is as simple Join System which allows you to create interactable NPCs which allow you to connect to other servers.

 Spigot/Bukkit version 1.8.*



Required to execute the /npcjoin-command


Required to interact with an NPC.

/npcjoin create <Looks at player (true | false)> <Server> <Skin> <Name..>
 Creates an NPC. The second argument (Looks at player (true | false)) will determine, if the NPCs head follows the players movement. The third argument (Server) will determine the server, to connect to, if a player clicks on the NPC. The next argument (Skin) will give the NPC the desired skin. The same skin can only be used every minute or so. This is because Mojangs API will refuse connection, if requests come in too fast. Will change in the future The last argument determines the NPCs displayname.

/npcjoin delete
 Will delete the nearest NPC within 2 blocks.

 The config.yml located in the plugins/NPCJoinSysten-folder allows you to change the messages, a player receives when executing the command or connecting to a server.

 You must not redistribute this plugin as yours.
 You are allowed to use this plugin on your server to generate an income.
 You may implement code from this file into your plugin.

Copyright 2020 © Cheep-YT · All rights reserved.



NPCJoinSystem - Source Code
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