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Among Us Mods | Installation Tutorial

Installation of my Among Us GameModes

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by   CheepYT · December 31, 2020

The following video is meant to be a tutorial on how to install any of my mods for the game Among Us. I am in no way affiliated with Innersloth or any of their games. I am just creating interesting mods for a new experience. I do not recommend playing on public Among Us servers with mods. My mods only works, if everyone has it installed. These mods only works with the newest steam version of Among Us. I have provided a server for friends to play on. This new server can be selected in the region selector.


NoNameGFO4 · 6 months ago

Hello,i need help to know how to play the mods

CheepYT · 6 months ago

Edit: As there seem to be problems with the usage of some of my mods and other BepInEx artifact versions, I have uploaded the BepInEx artifact, with which all of my mods should be compatible: here. Instead of downloading BepInEx from the official release site, download it from this link. Otherwise all other steps in the video can be followed.

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