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The Jester is a gamemode for the popular game Among Us.
This GameMode adds a new role to the game: The Jester. Their goal is to get voted off by any means necessary. To achieve this they will have to act like an impostor. If they achieve this, they will instantly win and the game will end. If they fail to get exiled, they will loose.

To play with this gamemode change the Jester Count option to the desired amount of Jesters.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Innersloth or any of their games. I am just creating interesting mods for a new experience. I do not recommend using public Among Us servers with this mod. This mod only works, if everyone has it installed. This mod only works with the newest steam version of Among Us. I have provided a server for friends to play on. This new server can be selected in the region selector.

Installation: To play this mod, BepInEx is required (see requirements).
1. Download the newest version of this mod.
2. Unpack the .zip-File and move the contents to your Among Us-Directory.
 ·  To open this directory, right click Among Us in Steam. Go to manage, then browse local files.
Video Tutorial

The Source Code can be found here.

Known Issues
 ·  The Jester currently has to do tasks, making it impossible for crewmates to win via completion of tasks

Base Mod and API (Install after mod)



Initial upload of version 2.0.0
· Updated to API and BaseMod version 2.0
Among Us Version:

Initial upload of version 1.0.45
Among Us Version:



xlilmonkeyboyx · 6 months ago

Its safe but how do u have more gamemodes at once like battle royale pls reply

0ktav99a · 6 months ago

This is 100% safe! I've tried it before and it works!

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