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Battle Royale is a gamemode for the popular game Among Us.
This changes the game completely. There are no impostors. Everyone has the ability to kill. The last man standing wins.

To play with this gamemode change the GameMode option to Battle Royale.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Innersloth or any of their games. I am just creating interesting mods for a new experience. I do not recommend using public Among Us servers with this mod. This mod only works, if everyone has it installed. This mod only works with the newest steam version of Among Us. I have provided a server for friends to play on. This new server can be selected in the region selector.

Installation: To play this mod, BepInEx is required (see requirements).
1. Download the newest version of this mod.
2. Unpack the .zip-File and move the contents to your Among Us-Directory.
 ·  To open this directory, right click Among Us in Steam. Go to manage, then browse local files.
Video Tutorial

The Source Code can be found here.

Known Issues
 ·  If any other language than English is selected, the Victory/Defeat screen will not show up correctly/as intended

Base Mod and API (Install after mod)



Initial upload of version 2.0.0
· Updated to API and BaseMod version 2.0
Among Us Version:

Initial upload of version 1.5.68
· Moved the kill button to the location of the use button
· Players are no longer able to report bodies
Among Us Version:

Initial upload of version 1.5.34
· Removed Use Button entirely
· Decon Doors will open at the beginning of the game and remain open
· GameMode has been polished
Among Us Version:



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